I have started this web log as an entrepot for the infos that i amass in my day to day life. So, I would like to share the crucial stuff over here. I wanna make the best out of it. You people, if interested please mail the imp stuff which you gets through or looks at to smuthucs@gmail.com, So that I can post it over here, which will help a whole lot people. This is started with the vision to incite, to motivate and to inspire people.
“Start working from now itself to achieve your dream, else someday someone will put you in work to achieve their dream”
I don know much about being a Billionaire, but I am damn sure that one day I will be a Billionaire. I had never ever doubted it for a minute.
one thing that I would like to suggest to you people is that  “don’t wait to live your passion” !  How many great people are amongst us who could change the world if they would follow their passion?Ask yourself this question. If you had all the money you needed what would you do with your time? Would you help sick or underprivileged children?  Would you provide support to our men and women in uniform? Would you empower people by teaching them entrepreneurial skills? Would you help raise money for cancer research? Would you provide affordable housing to families in need? Would you help provide solutions to our sluggish economy?
What is your passion? common decide it now and start working on it straight off in your life…
for enjoying my lines in tamil just click here


Software Engineer by profession.An enthusiastic soul aspiring to be the man of affairs, who doesn’t care about the gossips of mortals, which changes every minute. My impuissance lies in the fact that I doltishly fell for sentiments. Moreover, I dare doing things and change the consequences as I predict.

Muthukumar Subramaniam

The Future Billionaire

  1. Vijayraj says:

    dai panni. photo va mathu da. Panakara begger atavae iruka…….

  2. Mangalapriya says:

    still u dint change this photo???

  3. Vijayraj says:

    Change the photo. solluromula

  4. sakthi says:

    dai superb photo…

  5. ARUNGOWTHAM says:

    really cool blog !!

    pretty intresting … go ahead

  6. Rajani Mahto says:


  7. koelpuri says:

    nice blog…keep up the hard work n do something for the country.

  8. I was really wonder

  9. dipak dwivedi says:


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